EasyClip is a clipboard and shell enhancement utility with built-in commands
2.0 (See all)

EasyClip is a clipboard and shell enhancement utility with built-in commands.. It's based on a slim always-on-top toolbar which can be hidden or shown. With this toolbar, you can access all local drives, mapped network drives, all folders and all files, IE favourite web pages, major search engines, predefined email contacts by selecting with mouse from drop-down lists. Much simpler than to direct operation in windows explorer and IE.
It supports 32 clipboards in total, with one current clipboard and 15 history clipboards. Whenever you copy, EasyClip will automatically push the existing content of the windows clipboard into the history clipboard boards and then copy the text into the current buffer. You can select any one of the clipboards by mouse and EasyClip will automatically paste the content of the selected clipboard into the window you are working with. It also supports appending-mode copy which will keep appending copied text to the end of the current clipboard. This is convenient for combining small pieces of text from different places.

It also support a quick-run dialog where you can input short aliases for long paths and URL's like in UNIX. Aliases can be defined in a text file with one alias corresponding to one path/URL.

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